All services at this time are Concierge Counseling services. Marbury & Associates LLC staff provide all services at the location of your choosing. Please note it is best to select a location where things can be discussed in private. For Clients/Consumers not using insurance for our services, you are eligible for our Premium Concierge Counseling Services.



Premium Concierge Counseling allows me to provide you premium services that are tailored to meet your needs and accommodated your schedule. You will be provided with professional attention in a supportive and private manner. Some situations are very sensitive and require the utmost discretion. Whether you are an executive with a busy travel schedule, or a client in a high profile position dealing with the challenges posed by that profession and lifestyle, or a private person/family, I will assist you with your psychological and/or therapeutic solutions. I understand your time is valuable, therefore I provide services where you feel most comfortable and where is the most time-efficient for you and/or your family.


Benefits of Premium Concierge Counseling

Access by Telephone: You can have a session by telephone, even if you don't have an appointment. If I am in session when you call, you can expect a call you back as soon I am available.


Priority Email: You are provided with my email address.


Extended Hours: For clients with busy schedules, it can become a struggle just to find a time that works. Concierge counseling clients benefit from extended hours and weekend appointments.


Same-Day Service: If you are experiencing an immediate need to be seen I will find a same-day appointment time for you.


Session Length Grace: If you have been in counseling you know that discussions do not always fit within the customary 45-50 minute session time. With Concierge Counseling, you will be provided a grace period during sessions up to 90 minutes total time when extra time is needed to finish a discussion.


Concierge Counseling Services are not covered by insurance and billed on a monthly basis with a minimum of a three-month commitment.

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